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Yoga Mat and Straps

Upcoming Events

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Community Yoga Class

@ Black Mountain Yoga
Sat, Aug 27 @ 11 am

Therapeutic all-levels slow flow class.

Outdoor Yoga Class

@ Pisgah Brewery
Sun, June 11 @ 2 pm

All-levels yoga class, outdoors at the Black Mountain Pisgah Brewery.

Learn More: Sign Up Coming Soon

Back Care Yoga

@ Black Mountain Yoga
Thurs, May 12 @ 10:30 am

Learn about and practice yoga for a healthy back and spine.

In the workshop you will:

  • Lengthen muscles often shortened from daily movement patterns

  • Strengthen muscles that are softened weak but vital to back health

  • Release areas holding long patterns of stress and tightness

  • Understand anatomy and alignment for optimal back health

Leave with practices you can do at home for back health and longevity.

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