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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy treats dysfunction in the body and mind with scientifically proven and human tested practices of yoga including:

  • physical postures (asana)

  • breathing practice (pranayama)

  • relaxation

  • mindfulness practices (meditation, Yoga Nidra)

Yoga therapy is different than a group yoga class because it is highly personalized to you.  

Together with your Yoga Therapist you create a personalized practice for healing, cultivating a deeper understanding of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Yoga Therapy meets you where you are. 

In a private session, your therapist will adapt the practices of yoga to meet your needs. 

Clients often come to Katie for therapy when "nothing else has helped," or they want a deeper understanding of their condition and how to find optimal health. 

Yoga therapy creates results: inner alignment of your physical body, improved range of motion, increased strength and stability, a steadier mind, reduced stress...the ability to fully enjoy life! 

A session is tailored to you regardless of age, gender, health, or physical condition. 

Scientific research and client testimony shows that Yoga Therapy effectively treats many conditions. 

Katie has experience with the following: 

  • arthritis and osteoporosis 

  • asthma and COPD

  • athletic/job injuries

  • fall prevention

  • back pain 

  • digestive disorders

  • anxiety and depression

  • muscular skeletal and nerve conditions

  • sciatica

  • spondylolisthesis

  • pregnancy and postpartum healing

  • pain related to tight muscles

In your first session, Katie will take you through an in-depth intake to understand your alignment, postural habits, muscular imbalances (through muscle testing), nervous system functioning, and more. 

She will then:

  • show and discuss with you realignment

  • prescribe yoga practices such as postures and breath work 

  • create a short yoga practice for you to do at home 

  • when needed discuss lifestyle changes or ways to commit to your new home practice

After your session you will have an understanding of why you are experiencing dysfunction in your body, and how to address it for optimal health. 

Clients express ongoing benefits from their yoga therapy practice, and for many it drastically improves their quality of life.

Yoga therapy is empowering and educational. It is steeped in ancient wisdom and modern science.

At age 70, I found myself in chronic pain, barely able to walk. What a difference Katie has made in my life!  I tell everyone that yoga has saved my body and sanity. I’ve practiced the yoga therapy postures daily for the last four years that Katie taught me to repair my body. She is a miracle worker!

Diane C, Yoga Therapy Client

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